Attack of the Plastic Bottle Cap

On my mind? Plastic! I am losing the battle with plastic – especially those little plastic rims – and plastic sealers – Opening my ink sprays is a scary prospect. Opening my Hemp Protein Powder 70 was treacherous ,too. First I had to peel off a little plastic sealer, ring shaped like the bottle that this healthy stuff comes in. Yeah, I know. Healthy stuff, in a plastic ( possibly cancer causing) container…

Some of those hard plastic containers, can cut like a knife… worse than paper cuts. And where exactly do all those plastic snippets end up, even if I do manage to cut them up, and throw them into the correct receptacle? In the belly of a whale?

..I really try to be Eco- friendly, but I have to admit, I own a lot of plastic containers. I line my garbage pails with plastic, and the floor of my tub, so I can lay down 3 litter boxes. The dry cat food is housed in plastic free feeders.
A lot of my art supplies are housed in plastic trays and containers…So I’m guilty on the consumption side…But where to despose of it safely, so nobody swallows it!

I'm in Purrogress...

I’m in Purrogress…


All these thoughts, and I still managed to get over the hump:) Happy Wednesday everyone:)


Distractions In Hairball Alley

Ok this is my attempt to resurrect Amy’bs Art Journal ( at least online) .  I have not been on here in quite some time, and on the right hand side there is a note telling me that things have changed. Do I miss the old editor?  I can change to classic mode?   More distractions….Sometimes I feel like I spend all my time figuring out instructions, when all I want to do is is post some art…So with no further adoooo, I am going to upload some semi-current art work – some with cats, and some without.  

When I need to focus, I find myself centering my inner being, with  Zentangle, Tangle Doodles and other meditative art forms.  The trick is to find the time and the intention. I am easilly distracted, especially when I am home with The M-Cats.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last year, it’s to just get some kind of mark down on some kind of substrate – yes I learned that word too;) – get it down on canvas, or paper,or your hand if need be,  and the rest will follow.  Sooner or later some kind of art will appear, and then life will interrupt, in the form of a cat or some other kind of creature, or human,  and I will be called away. My creativity comes in spurts –   Sometimes it comes out of me so reflexively, and sometimes it doesn’t flow at all –   I have no idea where the picture I am trying to insert will show up.  My Mac has been finnicky of late – and the spinning wheel got to me.   So I’m going to upload this entry, and see where the pic ends up.

Nice to be back.


Gelli Plate Junior D

Gelli Plate Junior D

This is the result of the Gelli Plate party I attended at Little Bird Creations, taught by Jessica Sporn

Cat with wax – water soluble crayons and glaze medium

Cat with wax - water soluble crayons and glaze medium

part of a series of cats and art journals!

Gelli Plate Cat

Gelli Plate Cat

Quick pull, before more layers:)

Mid Week Art Entry

Stencil in Moleskine - Backgrounds

Stencil in Moleskine – Backgrounds

Stencils and Moleskines

Stencils and Moleskines

more moleskines doodles

more moleskines doodles


eating healthy helps my creativity:)

I have a smoothie in a mason jar, in my fridge…very inspiring!

Studio Kitchen work in progress

creativity and organization can be a challenge

and deli paper too

Pink Hearts in Moleskine

Pink Hearts in Moleskine

This looks kind of scary

so Now that I have bought all the stuff on the list, I found out, I have 30 dollars worth of art supplies for free, at Ultrects, having amassed a slew of profitable points:)

It can get messy, but the sink is to the left

collages in progress

adhesive foam in swirl designs make could stencils, and masks

Floral Inspiration

paper cut from old books...I loved the Rabbi Small series...Friday The Rabbi slept late...maybe Sunday he made a collage! more stencils IMG_5087  day is moving along much too quickly, with Fatty M-Cat Bass sitting on the edge of my desk, waiting for a kiss and a hug, and not that patiently, I might add.2…I am trying to further my art expertise, by watching several tutorials…Julie Fan-Fei  Balzer ( one of my online Art Gurus, as far as I’m concerned) is helping me with get started, with her fabulous Getting Started series…I am doing that with Gesso…here is the link to all of her tutorials  and more

My new heat dryer is sitting in my basement studio, over at Mom’s…I will will visit her later. But this afternoon I am sitting here, while my experimental art journal pages air dry…In my own apartment, I never run out of canvases, or something to do, while the layers dry. My current “BIG JOURNAL” is in the oven – heat is NOT on – away from curious kitties.

Mother’s Day is kind of ironic for me…I don’t have kids…but I have 5 kittens, that have brought out the maternal instinct in me, big time  —- for nobody else’s upset tummy would I boil a chicken, cut it up and serve it with brown rice and a dollop of yogurt, to set things right.

But my cats are the reasons for many things in my life, including my art..- True, I was writing, before they showed up, and  I draw and create other things now- but  my cats certainly played a part in  resurrecting this arts and crafts bug, that has been lying dormant, inside of me,for so long.  Well not dormant…it just didn’t show up with the need for matte medium, and gesso, until Jazzpurr came to live with me.  I started doodling cats on paper, and white card board boxes – I kept getting the urge to collage Fancy Feast Appetizer Cardboard , and then art just took it’s own path.  First, cats, then Mandalas, then Vinyls and now collage….

I am trying to post my creations – th e ones in progess, because  finished products and I have a bit of an issue right now…I’m just not sure when I’m done….So I will post this entry along with a few photos and get back to my kitchen/ studio, to see what else I can gesso over;)

Hope everyone has a great day!


Resurrecting Amyb’s Online Art Journal

It is 12:12 M and I don’t think I’m ready to revive this blog until the morning so I will just upload a few recent photos  and leave it at that –  playing with my Gelli PlateImage –


IMG_4019and  taking classes at Westbeth Community Center – with Jessica Sporn, and sponsored by the Ink Pad….

More In The morning!